Working While Travelling

Your company’s mobile computing devices and the info on these are especially vulnerable if working away in the workplace or house. Most hotels, coffee shops, convention, along with other public areas offer Wi-Fi, often at no cost. This can be convenient but seldom protected.

Here are a few tips for you and your workers while traveling:

  • Avoid open, free Wi-Fi unless they’re fastened using a password and encryption. Whether an unencrypted Wi-Fi link has to be utilized, company documents and mails shouldn’t be sent unless a company VPN is utilized. The VPN will reestablish the transmitted data.
  • Do not leave your notebook or associated materials unattended at a public workspace, even for a minute. Theft of notebooks tablets, and tablet computers is more common and on the increase. If at all possible, secure laptops using a cable lock even if in and attended sight. Reduce a company laptop or other digital apparatus, and you also lose all of the info.
  • Make certain you guard confidential data in your display from interested onlookers. If you are on a trip, anybody with line of sight into the notebook can see what’s on screen. Wait to examine any sensitive data in a more personal and secure site. If that isn’t feasible, dim the display and modify the notebook’s place to restrict who can view it.