Working From Home

Logging into work at home is suitable for you and your workers. But working from home on a personal computer introduces some extra risks that should be addressed:

  • As part of the wireless system, a small device called a cable or Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) modem connects to home networks and computers to the Internet. Usually, a router is also required for communications inside the home. Your employees should connect the computer directly to the router using a standard Ethernet cable. Similarly, the router should be connected, via an Ethernet cable, to the modem. If these steps are taken, no wireless communication can be listened to by outside parties.
  • When utilizing Wi-Fi, you have to fix it so that prospective attackers can’t track the house network and steal your own company’s sensitive info. To ensure a secure relationship, all workers should be asked to perform the following:
    • Change the default option Wi-Fi system name along with the router accessibility password on the system router.
    • Turn on community encryption to be certain any intercepted communications can’t be used by cybercriminals against workers or your company.
    • The prep environment is just as safe as the workspace. Employees should be counseled to restrict access to this computer they’ll use to your work. By way of instance, children need to have another system for their particular use to prevent accidental compromise of the gear utilized for company access.