Web Security

Quick tips from this section:

  • Restricting the kinds of sites that workers are permitted to assist you exclude the websites which can undermine your network.
  • Advise workers on which applications is safe to install on their own computers, and also to seek consent when downloading new apps.
  • When somebody outside your company asks any personal or company information, confirm that they’re a safe man to send the data to.
  • Compose an online Usage Policy for employees to follow and place it in an accessible location for everybody to see and reference.
  • Establish rules on what sorts of company information your employees could share online, and where.
  • Produce instructions on if your employees must use their work email to register for social networking websites and newsletters.
  • Think about the execution of a business social networking coverage, so that workers understand what they need to and ought not to post online.
  • Update all your organization software when you get notifications from doing this that security fixes are current.