Protecting Personal and Business Information Online

For their own safety and the safety of your enterprise, workers should secure their personal and company information online.

It is essential that all workers understand why protecting data on the internet is indispensable. Criminals who wish to damage or steal from the company often start by amassing personal or company information to access your personal computer systems and confidential advice.

Here are some simple hints for all workers:

Simply visit reputable and legitimate websites when using company computers or working with company details.
Before supplying personal information to anybody, confirm that they’re a trustworthy resource (by way of instance, a lender wouldn’t send out particular queries via email, so a call to your true bank may be advised if this kind of email were obtained ).
If somebody is seeking your private info, inquire why the advice is necessary.
When the response doesn’t look satisfactory, don’t supply it or request their manager to acquire additional information.
Never disable or remove some safety guards put into place on company networks and networks (for instance, anti-virus applications ).