Portable Data Storage

Cellular data storage can hold huge amounts of info in a very small device. Your company might even have the ability to save all its digital files onto a mobile storage device.

Older storage media such as CD or DVD discs are being replaced by portable hard drives and USB flash memory sticks (sometimes called thumb drives). Your company may already use at least one of those methods to store pertinent details.

Even though convenient and low price, using mobile data storage devices exposes your company to cybersecurity risks including the next

  • Infection by malware (an issue most typical with USB flash drives).
  • The loss of your device and all of the information on it. This problem is widespread and again most often involves USB drives, but also CDs and DVDs.
  • Information on the device can be easily reproduced by potential offenders (as most such devices don’t incorporate any safety safeguards).

To Decrease these dangers, here are a couple of actions you can consider:

  • Describe the principles for use of these apparatus and the managing of data in your organization policies (as explained in other parts of the manual ); for instance, make it clear what information could be stored on mobile devices, and also what special safeguards and protections will need to be set up for certain sorts of data — for example encryption of customer details.
  • Utilize the defenses available to your device. Most cellular peripherals have safety attributes, as well as many tablets and smartphones can run anti-virus applications.
  • Tag all your mobile storage devices along with your organization name and a contact number if it’s lost.
  • Encrypt sensitive documents on compact storage in order they cannot be replicated or used by somebody in the event of theft, loss or illegal use. It could be more helpful that you encrypt the whole storage apparatus (e.g., USB flash drive) so that each the data placed on it’s protected.
  • Teach your workers in the safe handling of mobile storage devices to assist restrict loss or theft and, as with other cellular devices, counsel workers to report the reduction of any apparatus immediately.