Handling Sensitive Information

A number of your organization information will be especially sensitive (e.g., fiscal or client documents ), meaning the unauthorized access to, loss, misuse or alteration of the information could result in serious injury to your organization or customers.

Strategies for tackling sensitive data:

  • Lock up and limit access to confidential information as it isn’t being used. With electronic records, this may involve a blend of physical and electronic safeguards to restrict access only to coworkers or customers. For paper files, it can affect secured filing cabinets or even safe.
  • Consistently label sensitive info and train workers to follow advice on the handling of tagged information. When the information isn’t marked, workers should request clarification or assistance to be certain that they’re managing it properly. Digital data may be grouped by sensitivity to a shared host, in a particular database or separately tagged.
  • In case you need to ruin any sensitive data, the digital destruction methods also have to be comprehensive. Normally if you”delete” a file onto your personal computer, the file isn’t actually removed until area is overwritten by something different.
  • If you eliminate storage media, it’s ideal to remove it .
  • When destroying paper documents, a high quality shredder which crosscuts the newspaper into little pieces ought to be utilized, or think about paying a professional record and press destruction firm.

Remote Access Security

Quick tips from this section:

  • Conduct your remote computing through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • Limit access to your network to authorized personnel with a clear business need.
  • When working from home, properly secure your Wi-Fi before using your VPN.
  • Do not use unknown or unfamiliar Wi-Fi connections when traveling.

Providing remote access to your enterprise network and data permits you and your employees to work at home or while on the street, saving money and time, and raising productivity. A number of these risks can be addressed through good safety habits on the part of workers together with powerful technical safeguards it’s possible to set in place.