Email Security

  • Employ a spam filter — doing this can enable you to get rid of most possibly harmful mails delivered by cybercriminals.
  • You shouldn’t click any unverified or questionable links — even simply clicking a connection can give away sensitive information a cybercriminal can utilize to hurt you and your company.
  • Maintain your workers’ emails and data confidential, as info about any part of your company may be used to damage employees or your company.
  • Establish strict password criteria for many email accounts (personal or business ) being used on the job.
  • When possible, use generic mails (for example, for email addresses which are published in public areas (like in your site or on social websites ).
  • Don’t forward possibly harassing emails to additional workers.

Some safety concerns have grown together with the worldwide adoption of email including malware, spam and the non-secure exchange of private data. All of these are things that could damage your organization.